Punch Out Arcade Game for Sale

Nintendo Punch Out Ultra Rare original arcade machine for sale. @thearcadetimemachine.com

The ULTRA-RARE classic Punchout arcade game is for sale now for a limited time. If you love

this original boxing title as much as I do, you will want to hurry! There is only one.

Go to ebay.com to get yours now!

History of Nintendo Punch Out

This ultra rare Nintendo Punch Out arcade machine won't last long! @thearcadetimemachine.com
This ultra-rare Nintendo Punch Out arcade machine won’t last long!

If you’re like me, you spent many quarters and allowance money just to have one more crack at Bald Bull or Pizza Pasta. Back in the 80s this was

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I recently wrote a Punch Out ROM arcade review as well as a review for its sequel Super Punch Out. I also included Super Punch Out in my Best arcade games of the 80’s review.


Some more Punch Out tidbits

If you are unfamiliar with the classic Nintendo Punch Out. You play as Little Mac, the green wireframed boxer. When the game starts, you must start from nothing and work your way to the top.


If you grew up with this game, you would remember the announcer’s voice saying, “Body Blow! Body Blow!” You face many boxers with each boxer having a different fighting style and difficulty level.


Your first opponent is Glass Joe. You will have as much trouble beating Glass Joe as you would a fly. Give him repeated shots to the stomach and he will go down faster than the Titanic.


From there, you will face Piston Hurricane, Bald Bull, Piston Hurricane, Kid Quick, Pizza Pasta, and Mr. Sandman. After defeating Mr. Sandman, you become the Champ and you must go through the same boxers all over again. This time, however, they pose a much greater challenge.


Final Thoughts

I still play the original Punch Out on my Raspberry Pi emulator and now there is a version for the Nintendo Switch, but I have always dreamed of owning my very own Nintendo Punch Out arcade machine at ebay.com. There is just something about playing this game on an original arcade cabinet.


Unfortunately, no one is still making these cabinets, so these machines are EXTREMELY RARE.



Get yours now while you can as there is only one and this will go fast! Go to ebay.com now to get it.

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  1. Where can I buy the actual arcade game unit? Need this in my life, ruled the 2 arcade unit situated at central pier at Blackpool and fleetwood when I was a youngling in the 80’s.

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