Donkey Kong ROM Original Arcade Review

This Donkey Kong Download Rom review illustrates why this game has stood the test of time.

I am so happy to provide you this Donkey Kong ROM original arcade review. The iconic game from the 1980s changed the face of gaming forever. There have been many sequels and spinoffs but how does the original classic arcade game hold-up?

When I started messing around with my Raspberry Pi and the Retropie software, one of the first games that I immediately wanted to play again was the original 1980s Donkey Kong game.


Kids today will never know the sheer excitement of venturing down to the local game arcade, converting a dollar to tokens and speeding over to play some Donkey Kong.


Back in those days, the graphics were simple and pixelated, the sounds were primitive but dang-it IT WAS FUN!


My 16-year-old son often comments about how modern game developer have forgotten how to make games fun.


It should be required homework for them to go back and dissect why games like Donkey Kong worked so well with limited technology.

The Donkey Kong Backstory

Like the graphics, the story is simple and straightforward.  If you’ve ever watched the movie King Kong, you get the idea.


You play as Mario in an industrial setting. This was the first appearance of Mario who is now the flagship character of Nintendo.


Donkey Kong, the protagonist in this game, has kidnapped Pauline represents the game’s damsel in distress.


Mario sets out to rescue her by climbing up various platforms while dodging fire, and barrels that Donkey Kongs rolls and hurls at him.


It’s a simple premise but it works rather well.

Donkey Kong NES Rom Gameplay

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One of the flaws I have with the Retropie emulator is the confusion with arcade ROMS. They refer to coin-up titles as MAME and there are several versions.


I tried downloading server Donkey Kong Arcade ROMs but none of them worked. I read and researched through many of the forums but nothing seems to work. After several tries, I was finally able to locate a version that worked.


Consoles are a different story. None of those Donkey Kong download Roms have failed.


I decided to try the NES version of the game. It was spot on and looked and played just as I had remembered.


Compared to modern games and their sophisticated controls, this is an exercise in primitive entertainment. It’s like riding a bicycle instead of driving a motorcycle.


The controls are clunky and imprecise and the gameplay becomes repetitive very quickly.  However, as stated earlier, the fun factor of this title is just like I remembered it.


One of the bright spots of Donkey Kong was the repeat play factor. When I was a kid, it would eat all of my allowance money in a short period of time.


Donkey Kong is one of those games that just holds up. I would venture to say that in the future, children will still be playing Donkey Kong games for many generations to come.


Get your hands on the Donkey Kong download Rom for NES. You won’t be disappointed.


If you’re more of a traditionalist and you have money to spend, pick up a Donkey Kong bartop arcade cabinet.

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